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Somehow someway you have made it to the DETAILED LESSON PLAN website.  We as teachers know how important it is to have the ideas of the day put on paper, better known as a detailed lesson plan.  This site was created to make it easier for teachers to get any detailed lesson plan they require.  We have uploaded a ton of free detailed lesson plans for just about every single class available as well as the different grade levels that go with them.  Remember, every one of our detailed lesson plans are absolutely free to print!!!

Make sure you sign up for our newsletter.  It is packed full of teacher resources that we will deliver straight to your email.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.  Below you see different types of detailed lesson plans that we have on this site.  We are adding new lesson plans almost daily.  Take some time to check out the different pages and feel free to send us some new lesson plans so to help out other teachers. 

Detailed Lesson Plan for Math

Detailed Lesson Plan for Language Arts

Detailed Lesson Plan for Music

Detailed Lesson Plan for Science

Detailed Lesson Plan for History

Detailed Lesson Plan for French

Detailed Lesson Plan for Spanish

Detailed Lesson Plan for German

Detailed Lesson Plan for Algebra I

Detailed Lesson Plan for Algebra II

Detailed Lesson Plan for German


We have also compiled a list of the best worksheets available.  You will want to bookmark this site in order to make your teaching year that much easier.  Need an assignment?  We have them and they are fully printable.  The principal coming around to check your detailed lesson plan, don’t worry, we have them.  With educators being pushed to ever high levels of productivity, this site will take some of that pressure off. 



The main question of why we need to write a detailed lesson plan arises quite frequently.  And we have an answer for you:  Reliability and Validity

1.       A detailed lesson plan allows the teacher or team to think about the current lesson and future lessons.  What are the goals that we are trying to achieve?  How does this lesson help with getting the information in the overall unit conveyed?  Is this lesson aligned to state and national standards?

2.       A detailed lesson plan allows clean communication amongst team members.  If another teacher walks into the classroom, they should be able to read your detailed lesson plan and be able to teach the students the same lesson with no problems.  More importantly, your colleagues can give you a sound critique, making your detailed lesson plan even more effective for future lessons.  It allows you to answer the question… “Did the lesson do what it was supposed to do? “

3.       A detailed lesson plan keeps the teacher focused and on task.  We all know that “issues” pop up during a normal day of school and having a great detailed lesson plan allows you to get right back on track when you have to deal with one of these “issues”. 

4.       When it comes to teachers evaluating their lessons, these detailed lesson plans can shed light on what parts of the instruction were absorbed well by the students and which parts were not.  You can use the lesson plans to create even better opportunities for future teachings. 

5.       In the day of ever growing teacher critiques, the detailed lesson plan helps to show the growth of the teacher in their development.   

Now that you have an idea of why you need a great detailed lesson plan, all of you have to do is print one of ours.  You will find other teachers asking you for help because you detailed lesson plan is that good.

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